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Adjoin Pathway Partners are a dedicated group of monthly givers on a mission to help people find communities where they feel safe and respected, and can be themselves in every aspect of their lives.

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Path-Now Path-Now

Unlock A World of Possibilities

Path-Now is here to help the entire IDD Community unlock new opportunities, new connections, and new experiences.


Path-Now is a creative and unique mobile application, powered by Adjoin, that enables individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) to easily and accessibly connect with community service providers electronically in California.

Adjoin is investing in the development of Path-Now to ensure that every individual in California with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) can easily, safely, and quickly connect to custom-matched service providers.

As people, our needs are constantly evolving, and so, too, should our systems of care.

Donate Now to support Path-Now and innovation in the California IDD Community.

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