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Join us in honoring 20 Years of Adjoin Team Member contributions to The Butterfly Club, a club that directly benefits the people served by Adjoin!

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A caregiver and client walk next to each other outside in the park.

Together we ignite possibility


All people belong.

Adjoin helps individuals of varied backgrounds, interests, and abilities to achieve their life plan in the communities where they live, work, learn, and play.

Thriving communities

We work to support individuals to be fully integrated and engaged members of their communities – to find a place where they belong.


Belonging is about transitioning all people from mere participation in their communities to a higher level of engagement.


We strive for all people to have a true sense or feeling of belonging through active participation in social, cultural, professional and community groups and activities.


Our work focuses on living, working, educating and playing, the essential life activities necessary for people to belong in their community.

Our Mission

Help us build a world where everyone can belong