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Adjoin Pathway Partners are a dedicated group of monthly givers on a mission to help people find communities where they feel safe and respected, and can be themselves in every aspect of their lives.

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Our Work

We help people find new opportunities and new pathways to achieve their personal vision of success and belonging.

A Productive Day Is Every Day A New Pathway Is Built.


We serve more than 1400 clients annually throughout the state providing a multitude of services ranging from living and housing, to employment and skills training to social recreation.

Many of the individuals we support have been marginalized and have had significant barriers and challenges in their lives.


All people deserve to have a sense of belonging. Belonging is about transitioning all people from mere participation in their communities to a higher level of engagement with a sense of fitting in or feeling they are an important member of a group.

We strive for all people to have a true sense or feeling of belonging through active participation in social, cultural, professional, and community groups and activities.


We work to create and provide new opportunities, resources and perspectives that are tailored to each person as an individual, resulting in a very person-centered plan, not a standard service mold or prescribe service plan.

Focusing on the essential life activities of living, working, educating and playing necessary for people to belong in their community, results in successful outcomes for those we serve.

We are constantly remodeling our communities by building new pathways to better support people and often, it creates long term changes in community systems resulting in positive impacts not only for those served but for the communities in general.

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